Web Conversions

Optimizing the Digital Experience Through Increased Web Conversions

Instead of thinking of your lead generation as an end goal, it helps to picture it as a lifecycle. It works like this:

You generate leads based on current data –> The lead generation process provides you with more data –> The additional data then refines your ability to create better content and forms based on the data you gathered about your leads –> Better content and forms, specifically targeted to your data-generated customer profile, generates more leads –> These are better leads, and yield even more useful data to restart the cycle, only improved.

What are some key elements to driving web conversions?

Design for Mobile First (Trust Us)

Mobile designs are extremely limited in comparison to desktop content and forms. Designing for mobile first forces you to eliminate redundant, unnecessary, cluttered, or distracting content, form fields, buttons, and other such elements. Once you’ve designed the mobile page or interface, you’ve streamlined the content to a sleek, lean design. Then base your larger versions (tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.) off the minimalist mobile design. It’s a design technique that helps you stay on point and garners better conversion rates.

Use Responsive “Smartforms”

Does every user who visits your website or landing pages get the same content and messages? If so, you’re wasting your ability to use data to target these visitors precisely. When John comes to your website looking for a red, two-door, convertible sports car, don’t show him information or ask him questions about a yellow, 4-door station wagon. Develop responsive web content and smartforms to lead each customer into a personalized, relevant, compelling dialogue.

Use a Narrative Format for Webforms

What keeps a customer moving along through your content and forms? They do so because well-written, well-targeted dialogue helps them stay on track, motivates them to continue, and promises to make it worth their while. A narrative format offers visitors visibility into the process, gives them reasons to continue, and allows them to understand what happens when they click a button, complete a form, or decide to continue to that shopping cart checkout.

Watch That Button Terminology

Web conversions

Rethink how you label buttons. Use phrases that encourage action and demonstrate transparency instead of demanding “submission”.


“Submit” is a strong word. Subordinates are commanded to “submit” to their masters, which isn’t something most people long to do. Using this particular word on your buttons sends a subliminal message, and does decrease your chances of luring the customer into conversion. On the other hand, phrases like, “Get this free e-book now,” “Score your coupon now,” “Enter this exciting contest now,” and “Show me the demo now,” do encourage visitors to make that click commitment. Change your phraseology to something less ominous.

If You’re Asking for More, Offer More

How many fields will most users agree to fill out? As it happens, the more they stand to gain, the more fields you can get them to agree to completing. For example, users are tolerant of as many as 10 fields if they’re entering a contest to win a free vacation or $10,000. This number drops if you’re only offering a T-shirt or bumper sticker. It drops even further if they are agreeing to take a sales call. Depending on your goals, either offer visitors more incentive for filling out longer forms, or lower your requirements and promise them a bit less.

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